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Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS Bar restaurants Mallorca

Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS


Places To avoid in Mallorca >

Hyundai Customer Reports of a New Hyundai i20 which has done only 25,000 miles or so, fails Testing ITV on defective Back Brake Unit.AND Hyundai Renault Car dealer in Manacor does NOT give a stuff !!!

Full story is available on Video highlighting both a very serious issue on some Models of Hyundai Cars which use drum brakes on the rears, More alarming to us is the total "LACK" of Hyundai Manacor Mallorca concern regarding this serious issue ? As in the video it shows that it is of no concern to Hyundai Dealers and consider both very normal maybe to have a New Hyundai fail at its very first MOT Vehicle test on a defective rear brake, and whilst the MOT station advise NOT To be driven, Hyundai are most happy to have the vehicle although its under its own 5 year 100,000 mile so called Warranty plan, as its a brake issue consider a wait of some 20 days to even look at the issue, a perfectly fine and acceptable way to treat its customers, and most happy to let the owner drive it around as it is.

For this reason advise its a brand to be called in question, and the dealer in question to be avoided.

Hyundai Manacor Mallorca

Further reports are asking How many Hyundai cars have had this issue ? How many Lives "MAY" have been lost due to lack of vehicle stability in wet conditions whilst loaded with a family and only running with 3 good brakes ? Problem is most fatal crashes generally write the cars off !! So how would anyone ever know if a Hyundai rear brake drum unit was the cause ? As written off cars can NOT be correctly tested on rolling road drum tests as needed to show this serious defect .

The supply dealer of the Hyundai i20 is in Manacor in Mallorca Spain and the vehicle has been fully serviced from new with them , so its a genuine safety issue on Hyundai rear Brakes, and until its fully investigated we no longer wish to offer the cars, and advise avoid the dealer.

To see complete Video Set of this Unhappy Hyundai Customer and Bad Back brakes check out .

Hyundai Car Dealer in Videos and to be avoided is Hyundai-Renault Polignon Ind est, Manacor, Mallorca,Spain.


The First of hopefully not many Bad reports of Cala Millor goes to . Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > "TASTE OF TEXAS"


Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS

Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS

Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS

Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS - 2011 Visit and review made ..

It had been a long time since this Taste of Texas Bar restaurant had been visited the previous visit was in 2010 , which was a very enjoyable experience with good food , good staff and reasonable entertainment . Since then i understand a change in ownership took place and so it seemed appropriate to test how or if any changes had been made to this once fine establishment.

On your initial observations its very apparent money has not been spent on the exterior its drab faded signage and seating tables and such like tell you immediately this is being run on limited funds , none the less looks can sometime be very misleading although i have learnt from experience often the 2 go together !! ie, shabby exterior ( which customers see ) most often means you would`nt want to look in the kitchens and such like !! As God knows what would be found.

None the less being greeted by a very friendly Cowboy suited guy and supplied the drinks and menus all seemed to be going smooth , 2 meals ordered opted for mexican Chicken with fries and my partner opted for Chilli Con Carne , meals arrived looked fine and proceeded to tuck in ,, verdict on the chicken .. very dry old tasting sort of below average for a restaurant , chips were fine sauces was fine , but with the slab of dry old chicken it was very poor.. Verdict on the Con Carne qoute nothing special and most certainly not worth going out for ..

Now the waiter arrives back to collect the plates seeing as he could see we have finished the meal , and asks how was it well i say i have eaten half as being honest its very very very poor actually , indeed you should save that piece of dry chicken and use it to sole your shoes with .. oh he says ! I said yep not good and also the Con carne was just average but she has eaten it as she was so hungry. Oh well he says and i see him then speak with the apparent manageress of the place whilst on his way back to the kitchen .

Now serving average food is not unusual with some scrupulous bars Restaurants knowing there just tourists only here for a week or so and to some its fair game maybe ? However NOT with this client as this practise is just so out of order . Good quality food and service is paramount and i do NOT Care where it is !!! Every Restaurant from time to time can have a poor day ie; chef of sick temp cover etc etc..

So the measure of a Restaurant is in my opinion NOT just the poor meal but the manner in which they solve or address Customer complaints ? So i watched and was expecting the manageress to come over and speak about the meal , maybe give excuses or offer free drink or something ? I watched as she deliberately avoided our table even at one point going farther around to reach the table next door to avoid us ? Now is that the way to treat Unhappy Customers ?

Anyways the Waiter passes by so i then decide to skip risking the sweet and ask him for the bill , the bill duly arrives NOT a discount no mention of the chef saying sorry or anything so , they get the well deserved 2011 Places To avoid in Cala Millor Mallorca > TASTE OF TEXAS" listing.

It will be anonymously tested again in 2012 and a follow up report will follow..

Update 2012 - still crap and still drab and sad looking ..

Update 2014 - still as drab as ever did nt try the foods as with such a old exterior, and inside, well being honest we would not risk it, plenty of good restaurants so why get sick and ill just on a test ?? food looked average nothing special, better further along, so why risk it well not this reporter, no way Jose...


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